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Home Display Equipment Clothes Rails 600 mm - 899 mm

Narrow Clothes Rails (601mm - 900mm wide)


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Clothes Rails

Perfect for the professional display of merchandise, or simply for use when storing or transporting garments, all of our clothes rails are highly durable & strong, with an exceptional finish.
Available in a selection of sizes & styles to suit, from portable to heavy-duty, single to two-tier, wheeled to brightly coloured.
There’s something for everyone in our wide range, whether you’re a retail store, pop-up shop, exhibition or hospitality venue or simply looking for a storage solution.


Features & Benefits

Wide Range of Sizes
We stock a large selection of rails in sizes between 2ft & 6ft, so you’ll always find one to fit your space.

High Load Capacity
Our clothes rails are built to last. With a capacity of up to 100kg, they can cope with large quantities of garments.

A Variety of Rails
We stock a range of 2-tier, double-rail, heavy-duty, foldable & adjustable rails, as well as a choice of colours & finishes.





Easy to Assemble
Our clothes rails use a secure push-pin system, so no tools are required for assembly.

Easily Manoeuvred
Most rails come with detachable castor wheels for effortless movement.

Accessories & Components
We have a huge range of accessories & components including rail covers, heavy duty wheels & sign holders.