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Size Cubes and Size Dividers for Hangers and Rails

If your customers are struggling to find sizes of your garments easily then you need our size cubes. Also, to split up clothing sizes on clothes rails you should use our rail size dividers. These retail accessories not only help your customers find their sizes more quickly, they allow you to quickly check that products are correctly ordered on your clothes rails.

Size cubes and dividers are some of the fundamental basics required in the smooth running of a successful retail outlet. At Shopfitting Warehouse we offer a selection in a wide range of colours and sizes that will allow you to organise your shop floor and clothing items perfectly. It is a well-known fact that customers feel more relaxed in a shop where everything is laid out for them. If clothes rails are comprehensive, the need to browse extensively to locate the correct size is diminished.

The hanger size cubes and clothing size dividers are of the highest quality and have been designed to help both the customer and retailer effectively identify the right clothes. Do not hesitate to check back for updates within this range of size cubes and size dividers as we regularly update our stock. Browse our full collection and buy online today.

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