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New Junior Clothes Hangers

The latest addition to the Shopfitting Warehouse Clothes Hanger range is a variety of practical plastic, junior hangers all at 30cm widths. The children’s hanger collection already has a popular choice of four wooden hangers, the new plastic options hope to bridge the gap for added versatility, along with easy, everyday functionality, at a very competitive price. All are lightweight, while made from hard-wearing and durable plastic for safe, secure and resilient hanging.
The useful box sizes offer a bulk alternative suitable for all Independent and small chain fashion outlets who sell children’s clothing. With the smaller box amounts are perfect for the home.

There are three different styles

1. A basic hanger with shoulder notches, available in boxes of 25, 250 and 1,200.
This well-respected, standard shaped hanger is ideal for jumpers, shirts, t-shirts, jackets and tops to effortlessly slip over the hanger, keeping all clothing crease free and holding its shape. The shoulder notches provide secure attachment for any skirt and dress internal hanging straps or sleeve edges to simply hook onto.

2. A clip hanger with a chrome swivel hook, available in boxes of 25, 100 and 300.
These nifty and petite hangers house a soft-grip metal locking feature designed to securely hold skirts, trousers, playsuits and jeans without adding creases or damaging your child’s clothing. Due to its crafty design, it can happily suit the hanging of swimwear, accessories, such as scarves and lingerie too. The helpful swivel hook allows the garments to be hung at a variety of angles too so providing further flexibility to your storage.

3. A hanger with trouser bar and waistband clips, available in boxes of 25 and 175.
This is probably the most adaptable of the three with added features, so you can hang pretty much any item of clothing, a combination of garments or a full outfit for added space-saving.
The shoulder notches offer a simple and convenient way of hanging children’s skirts and dresses. The adjustable waistband clips are great for trousers, jeans, shorts, dungarees, playsuits and skirts with the trouser bar providing further hanging of trousers which can be flipped and folded over the bar. Perfect for girls and boys clothing alike, making this hanger an all-in-one and cost-effective option.

For more Clothes Hanger choices from children to adult sizes, from standard to multi-functional, with wooden, plastic and metal options, please take a look at the Shopfitting Warehouse Clothes Hanger department by clicking here.

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