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Home Retail Inspiration: Café or Coffee Shop

Retail Inspiration: Café or Coffee Shop

You want your customers to feel at home when they visit your Café or Coffee Shop. A cosy retreat where people can relax, chat with friends, shelter from the rain and warm up with a hot drink. Or in the summer, a bright and breezy table to grab some lunch and a refreshing smoothie.

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What's Inside?

Whatever the weather, you need to ensure you have created a welcoming, inviting as well as functional cafe environment for your customers to feel at ease. 

  • Ensure your cafe layout is clear, uncluttered, and clean,
  • The spaces between your tables should be wide enough, if possible for two people to comfortable pass at the same time.
  • Signage is everything in this type of environment,
  • make sure people know where to queue, where to pay, and where to find the toilet with our well-thought out and effective solutions for your signage needs.

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