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View the status of current orders

You can view the status of orders you have placed with Shopfitting Warehouse in your account. Please note that you must have an online account and be logged in to that account when placing orders to be able to view them in your account. View more information on how to do this if you don’t yet have an account.

Please note that if your order is in transit, it will not show information about the stage of transit in your Account area. You will receive an email or text message that will contain details of how to track the status of delivery with the courier directly.

Log in to your account by clicking My Account at the top right of the website.

On your Account hub, click My Order History.

The My Order History screen will show you a list of all the orders you’ve placed. For each order you will see the status of that order.

You can also view more information about an order including the status by clicking the View link or the Web Order Reference Number (starts WEB) of any order.

The different statuses you might see are as follows:

Payment Received - Commonly shown after an order has been successfully placed and the order is being processed.

Order Dispatched - Shown once the order has been processed and dispatched via one of our selected couriers.

Order Incomplete - If you have added items to your basket or started the checkout process but not completed it, an order reference will be created and shown here as Order Incomplete. If you are having problems completing an order, please contact us.

Pending Payment - If you are paying by Paypal, you may see this status if we have sent you a money request via Paypal which has not yet been paid, or if we are waiting on the funds from Paypal for your order.

Payment Failed - This status is shown if you have attempted to place an order but it has failed because we are not able to collect the funds. This can often be due to an address verification match issue between the address details held with your bank and the billing address you enter on the website. If you are having issues completing an order, please contact us.

Order Cancelled - If your order has been cancelled before it leaves us, you will see this status.

Awaiting Quote - If you have requested a quote this status will be shown.