Tubes & Clamps Display System

Build a customised wall hanging display system with our high quality tubes & clamps components. Choose from chrome, black or white 25mm rail tubes which can be cut down to any size with a standard tube cutter (not included). Connect tubes together and add clamp fittings for 3-way t-joints and up to 6-way cross-over displays for hanging clothing or creating shelving racks. Our wall and floor sockets easily fix your system in place, or choose our push-in feet for free-standing builds, finish with our end plugs or support arms and add shelves, extra rails or accessories to create your unique, creative and functional tube & clamp display system or storage racks that are both flexible and functional

With chrome and matt black or white finishes to choose from, tubes and clamps display systems look smart, smooth and eye-catching. Our 25mm rail tubes can be cut to any size and adding clamps and accessories enables you to create unique, creative and functional displays and storage racks that are both flexible and functional. Fully customisable, create bespoke display and garment rack configurations to suit your needs.

Complement your new tubes & clamps display system with our range of Clothes Hangers. Or pair with our Shelves, available as a complete set with a Hanging Rail, or you can view them separately if you’re looking to add to an existing rail you have.

Learn more about the range in our helpful guides and videos.

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