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You're an online business that needs to upscale the operation and build a warehouse capable of stocking, organising and dispatching your goods. You need suitably strong and functional shelving systems, rolling units to transport your stock, and a decent packing area. Here's some ideas for how to set up your warehouse.

Ecommerce warehouse product suggestions with labels

A: Warehouse Racking

Modular ultra heavy-duty racking that can be built to fit any space, with upto 850kg/shelf max loads.

B: Trucks & Trolleys

Heavy duty shelf trolleys and trucks to transport your goods around the warehouse with ease.

C: Storage Boxes

Store unpackaged items in sealed boxes to protect them from dust, air and moisture.

D: Packing Benches

The place where the packing and dispatching happens needs to be well organised and durable.

E: Wall Shelving System

Use every wall surface as storage as well with this highly flexible storage and shelving system.

F: Shelf Labelling

Organise your shelves into bin locations and direct your picking staff to the right areas with labelling.

Optimise for the maximum storage space

The last thing you want in your warehouse is dead space, every square metre should either be storage or working area, dead space is a no-no. Make use of your space with a mix of modular floor-standing shelving and flexible wall shelving. Make sure to leave enough space to move around though.  

Organise your storage with marked locations

Time is money, so cut down the time needed to pick items with a clear schematic layout of your shelving into bin locations, then label every shelf with it's bin number. If you want to go that stage further you can map them with barcodes and use hand-held devices to direct pickers to the right locations.

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