Cable & LED Displays

Simply a must-have for superior window, wall or floor displays. So easy to install and adjust, you can make light work of your display with a complete kit or build your own bespoke combination for your most innovative campaign yet.

With Cables that you can customise for any size space and a variety of Panels from LED or double-sided options, you can build the ideal Cable Display System for you. Whether you need to create a classic window display in your retail store or want a contemporary display in your company foyer, the humble Cable Display will help you create a timeless and elegant visual display.

Discover the advantages and benefits of this classic display system, which are available in a range of ready-made kits for you to quickly get started or view individual components to build your own.

A versatile system that can be used in a range of sectors to showcase important promotions and details. From the classic window display to events guides or company information, Cable Displays can be used anywhere that you need a signage display system.

Learn more about Cable Displays in our helpful guides and knowledge blogs.

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