Everything You Need to Know About Cable Displays

Everything You Need to Know About Cable Displays

Everything You Need to Know About Cable Displays

If you’re in search of a sophisticated and attractive solution to showcase information, Cable Display Systems should be one of your top considerations.

With a contemporary design, they are perfect for enhancing a professional setting and elevating your space. Their clean features complement a variety of sectors, including corporate offices, retail stores and restaurants. With a Cable Display, you can be confident that your information will be presented in an aesthetically pleasing and elegant way, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

What are Cable Display Systems?

Cable Displays are a suspended display system that have a minimalist feel, bringing focus to the content and their floating effect further drawing the eye to the displayed items. Despite their delicate appearance, the galvanised wire Cables and acrylic Panels form the foundation for a stylish yet durable display. These can be arranged in wall-mounted or ceiling-to-floor configurations, with related systems available as a freestanding unit.

The Panels, also known as Poster Holders or Pockets, allow for quick and hassle-free updates. Unlike other traditional wall-mounted displays, Cable Display Systems offer the advantage of content that can be refreshed without extensive disassembly or reinstallation.

Another benefit of Cable Displays is that they are relatively easy to clean and maintain and can be reconfigured in the future, making them a valuable solution for any business that is looking for a smart and functional visual display system.

Where can you use Cable Displays?

If you’re familiar with Cable Displays, you may associate them with Travel Agents and Estate Agents. These businesses often choose Cable Displays as they provide a display system that can accommodate multiple promotions and is simple to update, which is crucial for being able to advertise their latest offerings.

However, Cable Displays are not limited to these types of businesses. Their simplicity allows them to be used in a wide range of settings and applications.

Their narrow dimensions make them perfect for optimising vertical or horizontal wall space, maximising your display potential without taking up valuable floor areas. This is especially useful in settings where space is limited, but visual impact is crucial, such as in reception areas or window displays.

What is included in the Cable Display Range?

You have the option to create your own Cable Display by combining individual Cable Display components or choose from our pre-configured Kits, which come with the necessary parts and accessories. Please ensure that your chosen kit does include all the contents that you require by checking the relevant product pages.

Suggestions for the system layout can also be viewed through the images on our product pages, but some Cable Kits offer more flexibility on the panel arrangement for you to customise to your specific needs and aesthetics.

Cables and Brackets are available in either Ceiling-to-Floor or Wall-Mounted options. You can choose from Cables in either 2m or 4m, which you can trim down to a different length if required and the Brackets and Panel Clips come in Chrome or Satin finishes.

The Panels, or Poster Holders/Pockets, are made from hard-wearing acrylic and serve as the display component. They can be transparent or have a neutral border, come as singular or grouped panels and can also have the option of LEDs, providing illumination at night and in low-lit areas. Some panels offer further flexibility with double-sided versions or ones that can be set up and changed between landscape or portrait orientation.

Extras such as Panel Clips, Back-Lit Paper and LED Transformers are available to use alongside the Cables and Panels, to customise and expand your current Cable Display Kit or build your own.

More information and specifications for Cable Display components can be found on the relevant product pages.

How easy is it to build/assemble?

When installing a Cable Display system, you don’t need a lot of space or complicated tools.

To start, decide where you want the system to be located and measure the walls, ceiling and floor to determine where to place the Brackets. If you have the option to arrange the Panels in either landscape or portrait format, this will affect how you measure for the Bracket placement. Also, keep in mind that if you have a kit with LED Display, you’ll need a nearby mains socket.

You can cut the Cables to the desired length based on your area measurements if needed. Mark where you want the Brackets to go and attach them to the wall with appropriate fixings. If you’re unsure about the type of fixings you require, consult with a professional first.

Once the Brackets and Cables are secure, you can attach the Panels and Panel Clips.

The assembly process for most Cable Display Systems is straightforward and follows similar steps. There are a range of configurations and extras available though, so there may be variations between different kits.

For further instructions relating to specific Cable Display Kits, view our Assembly Guides page.

Even though Cable Display Systems may not be your first consideration when searching for a display solution, they are an excellent option for promoting information. From retail, events and exhibitions or office lobbies, they give you the ability to create a sleek yet functional display, to strongly convey your message. By using Cable Displays in your space, you can ensure that your signage is never overlooked.

To get started with your own Cable Display System, view our Ceiling-to-Floor Cable KitsWall-Mounted Cable Kits or to build your own, view our Cable Display components.

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