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The fashion world is notably fast-paced, fresh and fun and so your interior display presentation should reflect the same fabulous, focal-point style.

Therefore if you are fitting out, perhaps refurbishing, improving your shop-floor, or simply setting out your latest seasonal trends and promotions, Shopfitting Warehouse is your answer to great display and storage.

Stay ahead of the curve by presenting your fashions in the best and easiest way possible, allowing your customers an enjoyable, yet relaxing shopping experience.

By using dynamic and effective retail display, you will find that browsing will naturally lead to buying.

Our fully experienced customer service team are experts in retail display and shop fitting so can assist with all manner of sleek, neat and easy-to-view display products, advising on what is most suitable for your requirements.

Either browse online following the hot-spot links or if you require further help, please get in touch.

Ladies Boutique

The Ladies Boutique is the epitome of retail elegance and fashion trend-setting. Creating the right ambience for your clientele is paramount to capturing the mood of the latest seasonal look-book. However it doesn’t start and end with the clothing but with your interior design and shop-floor presentation too.

Therefore it’s important to ‘get the look’ which can be made-up from your choice of Shop Counter and Fixtures and Fittings, along with the style of Garment Rack you decide upon, even down to the smaller details, such as the colour or finish of your Clothes Hangers.   

Set your ensembles off with the ultimate silent salesman, the Mannequin, either use neutral whites, black or classic flesh tones or why not try fun and dramatic metallics in chrome, rose gold or copper?

Children's Clothing Store

A store that requires a fresh, modern and playful design approach. All Racking, Island Gondolas and Shelving display needs to be rough, tough and durable. Coupled with an element of easy-to-stay organised storage, to allow for those mischievous little hands.

At Shopfitting Warehouse we cater specifically for the younger crowd with a range of coloured Junior Clothes Rails and Clothes Hangers to accommodate for all varieties of smaller garments. To spotlight the latest ‘in thing’ craze, choose from a collection of Child Mannequins offered in baby to infant sizes and up to the age of 12.

Everything you need to make your children’s clothing store systematic, while offering engaging wonderment through personalised display designs.


Raise the bar with a choice of robust and well-formed fixtures and fittings, in slick, contemporary chrome. A practical choice is to coordinate wall-mounted Grid Mesh with freestanding arrangements for centralised display. Grid Mesh offers complete versatility to all types of merchandising. Whether promoting sports clothing, footwear or equipment there is a shelf, hook, rail, arm or holder to display effectively. Team up with Tubes and Clamps, also in sleek silver.

Shape up your design with contrasting black, white or beech display furniture. 

To finish the race, add Poster Holders to advertise your latest offers and Dump Bins to encourage an easy, welcome impulse-buy!

Men's Outfitters

Debonair and dapper, the Gentleman’s Outfitter sells everything classic and refined. A store where you’d expect to find clean-lined, confident and masculine interior design. Shopfitting Warehouse offers the top-quality, streamlined display equipment to conform.

Merchandise may include quintessential leather briefcases, holdalls and coats, silk ties, jewelled cuff-links, wooden walking canes and wool felt Trilby’s.

All are made from natural materials and are traditionally, beautifully stylish. Continue in the same vein with chic shelving in chrome and glass, or accessory stands in shimmery silver. Topped off with smart display furniture in bold, masculine black or conventional wooden beech.

What we do

We understand that not all businesses work in the same way, so we want to make your individual purchasing experience straightforward, giving you peace of mind that you’ll receive exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. 

Take advantage of the Business Services we offer and you’ll quickly see how simple and flexible we are to deal with.

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