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A store that requires a fresh, modern and playful design approach. All Racking, Island Gondolas and Shelving display needs to be rough, tough and durable. Coupled with an element of easy-to-stay organised storage, to allow for those mischievous little hands.

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A: Paper Bags & Wrapping

Complete the experience with high quality bags

B: Wall Poster Holders

Add signage and artwork to your walls

C: Shop Counters

Show people where to pay with a classic shop counter

D: Cube Display Islands

Neat, low-level shelving and display solution 

E: Child Mannequins

High quality mannequins in different ages/colours

F: Shelf Display Islands

Colour coordinated shelving units to match your store

G: Children's Clothes Rails

Smaller clothing rails to suit childrens clothing

H: Children's Clothes Hangers

Smaller wooden and plastic hangers for your items

At Shopfitting Warehouse we can cater for the younger crowd with a range of coloured Junior Clothes Rails and Clothes Hangers to accommodate for all varieties of smaller garments.

To spotlight the latest ‘in thing’ craze, choose from a collection of Child Mannequins offered in baby to infant sizes and up to the age of 12.

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