7 must-haves to create the ultimate retail store display

7 must-haves to create the ultimate retail store display

7 must-haves to create the ultimate retail store display

A fantastic customer experience in-store is the result of understanding your customer needs and accommodating these by designing and creating an intuitive and strategic store layout that minimises confusion and tells customers exactly where the items are they need to find.

If you want to enhance the in-store experience for your customers, patience and hard-work are virtues, however the results that you will see from well thought out adjustments around your retail space will far outweigh the work involved. A good shopping experience involves many different factors, be sure not to overlook any opportunity for improvement with our 7 must-have products to give you the edge over the competition…


Create a power wall for retail displays, special events or exhibition stands by giving the focus to one main wall and project a strong message as your brand. Make sure your promotions are being seen! Our grid mesh display bundles are incredibly adaptable and their smooth chrome finish catches the eye immediately for a really original display. Attach grid mesh securely to a wall or use our freestanding panels to create a more mobile display. Panels are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to scope out your layout to fit perfectly.

Gridwall Displays

When it comes to creating a modern and minimalist looking store, one of the most important things is deciding on what shelving you will use to showcase your products. Gridwall dislays are an effective solution for retail stores, and can be combined to create a unique merchandising tool, cleverly highlighting specific products you want to cast a spotlight on. Our larger panels and kits are highly desirable for commercial settings, ideal for retail, catering, pop up shops, exhibitions, and events. Browse the full selection of Gridwall shelving at Shopfitting Warehouse to choose the right one for you.


Slatwall Panels and accessories are a firm favourite and the vast choice of finishes and colours available in this range means you are never short of choice. Once the basics are in place the accessories can be added to allow a really unique appeal to the structure you have created. With considerate placement and coordinating of products, avoiding overloading your display, you can create a dynamic and dramatic impression on your customers. You will find that the more effective your retail display, the more browsing will naturally lead to buying.

Display Furniture

Essential for your point of sale, a shop counter is your central place for closing a sale, and where the magic happens! Maximize the effect of your shop counter with a glass top to show off even more of your prized range of exclusive products. You will also want to consider storage built into your counter for accessories, excess stock, pricing guns, hangers and carrier bags. Choose from four stunning display furniture ranges, Silhouette, Aura, Contour, and Skyline aluminium counters; a showcase design which features illuminating LED spotlights or opt for our stunning 360 frameless edition for the ultimate viewing experience.

Clothes Rails

Clothes rails are perfect to allow customers to browse through clothing lines and garments with ease. It’s essential before choosing a rail that you bear in mind how many items will be placed on it. This will determine the height and width, as well as the strength of your rail. Heavier clothing such as jackets will need more resistance than one that is holding light t-shirts or skirts. In this case, it is always advisable to look for heavy duty rails as it also helps to avoid them being knocked over or damaged. Stay ahead of the curve by presenting your fashions in the best and easiest way possible, allowing your customers a stress-free shopping experience. Our alcove hanging rails are also a popular choice to give an exclusive feel and create a ‘walk-in wardrobe’ element into the shopping experience, room to add matching shoes, accessories, bags and other statement pieces is a must for an attractive alcove space.

Tubes and Clamps

Our Tubes and Clamps display systems are a stylish and nifty way to display clothes in your store. You can use just a few simple fixture pieces, attaching tubing to a choice of clamps and support arms, or go all out and take advantage of the modular system by building racking and presentation displays. These have a beautifully sleek chrome finish making them an eye-catching solution. Accessories can add the finishing touches to individual structures, guaranteed to pull your customers in for a browse.


Mannequins are essential items to add to your display to allow you to piece together an outfit in a very visual way that will automatically attract attention, it allows customers to imagine how a certain piece will look when it’s on. Place full body mannequins near the front of your store to attract additional footfall, and use busts and body forms throughout the store journey to add an extra layer of intrigue to your visual merchandising. For example, if your clothes are folded on a shelf, it may be helpful to show a half body next to them wearing the design, to save customers unwrapping your products, potentially creating a jumble sale in the process! Check out our Impact and Focus ranges which have dazzling chrome magnetic faces which you can switch to easily to change the look of your mannequin. Our money-saving bundles come with both Gold and Silver faces for an instant focal point and flash of colour.

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