Chrome Wire Garment Racks for fabulous space-saving retail displays

Chrome Wire Garment Racks for fabulous space-saving retail displays

Chrome Wire Garment Racks for fabulous space-saving retail displays

Sturdy, resourceful and appealing, garment racks serve so many purposes without compromising on space. These cleverly constructed racks combine a rail and shelving system to provide fantastic choices of display and storage.

The distinctive chrome finish creates a classy and modern style to complement your clothing, as well as countless interior environments. With the added bonus of it being easy to clean, its good looks remain true with underlying practicality too.

Surprisingly versatile, garment racks work fabulously in a fashion retail setting as you can choose from 1, 2, or 3 shelves and up to 2 rails, or add clip storage boxes and a protective cover in one of our fantastic money-saving bundles. The chic and simple design makes it equally suited to male or female presentation and tastes. A firm favourite, the chrome wire range keeps extending. This makes it an excellent product to work with, the ability to combine a variety of units with an array of shelving, railing and accessories, other than garments racks, means you can assemble and adapt for ultimate functionality. Standard shelving units can offer any extra storage you need, and dividers giving added organisation.

Not only apt to the commercial world, why not wow your outfits at home in the same way? Perfect to don any walk-in wardrobe, providing a relaxed yet luxurious element to any dressing room haven.

Primarily user-friendly, racks are just as useful in any commercial area that requires a space to hang as well as room to pack away bulky objects or small items into boxes. Therefore great for charity shops, antique stores, vintage stores and pop-up shops. Also ideal behind the scenes in the stockroom, staff room, or even back-stage theatre, equally suitable on show in waiting areas and receptions, while in the home, open-plan bedrooms, studies, the spare room, and cloakroom can benefit from its organisational features.

To see more, watch our helpful Garment Rack overview video, and if you need help assembling your Garment Rack, please view this short film.

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