Display Walls with the Wow Factor

Display Walls with the Wow Factor

Display Walls with the Wow Factor

Do you need to create a power wall for a retail display, commercial office space, special event or exhibition stand?

Giving the focus to one main wall can really draw attention to what you are trying to say as a brand, or the goods you have on promotion.

When it comes to which display and storage range to use for maximum effect and within the right setting, Shopfitting Warehouse has four fantastic styles to choose from. Each offer endless exciting and unique configurations with a full array of accessories to mix, match and coordinate with.

Slatwall Panels and accessories are a firm favourite mainly due to the huge choice of finishes and colours available in this range. The panels come in wood melamine-faced finishes of maple, cherry, walnut, Oak and many more, and with zesty colours of red, blue, yellow as well as the mainstay black, white and cream to mention a few. For dynamic approaches, use brushed aluminium or a mirror-effect panel. Inserts, and trims also carry the necessity of many colour choices which in turn creates fantastic and almost endless display options. You may want to harmonise panels and inserts, or perhaps oppose your colour chart to spice things up, maybe even use a combination of colours and finishes in one display wall. Once the basics are in place the accessories can be set. This will provide the truly unique appeal to your structure. Of course much is decided by what you wish to display however by careful propping, coordinating and not overloading or over cluttering, your display wall can create dramatic effects.

Grid Mesh is a fantastically flexible and versatile system with a sleek and modern chrome quality which almost casts an illuminating influence over any display design. Attach securely to a wall or create something more mobile with freestanding panels. Panels are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to scope out your layout accurately. Whether you are wanting to hang or prop merchandise the host of accessories will more than adequately provide a successful result for you.

Tubes and Clamps are an inventive and clever choice. From just a few simple fixture pieces, comprising of tubing, a choice of clamps and support arms, an entire entity of practical racking and presentation displays can be made. Again, offering a beautiful chrome finish it will set off any display to provide an eye-catching solution. The accessories will add the finishing touches to a stylish and individual creation.

Finally, Twin Slot, a little more compact in its display uses, however still offers a quick and easy solution for wall shelving. The classic modular design provides the freedom to alter heights as well as add or remove shelves simply. Depending on the size of your chosen upright, you can slot multiple amounts of shelves, according to the height of items you wish to prop on top. You can set smaller shelves in a row or if you prefer set at different heights along the horizontal to add interest and in some cases, save space.

Using any of the fixtures and fittings choices outlined above with their main components, in conjunction with accessories selected specifically for your type of goods, you have the opportunity to craft a show-stopping wall, bespoke for you. So if you are looking for a system that allows you the freedom to be experimental while confidently delivering a pleasing reaction, these four great choices are the ideal answer for you.

For more product ideas and inspiration, please take a look at the Shopfitting Warehouse Fixtures & Fittings department pages.

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