Everything You Need to Know About Grid Mesh

Everything You Need to Know About Grid Mesh

Everything You Need to Know About Grid Mesh

In recent years, Grid Mesh Displays have gained popularity because of their versatility and functionality. With only a few components, you can create a durable and striking system that can be utilised in various settings and applications. Whether you're looking to enhance your retail space with a unique storage system or require a dependable temporary display for your event or exhibition, Grid Mesh is an excellent choice that meets these needs and more.

What is Grid Mesh?

The Grid Mesh Display System is named after its wire construction, which forms a grid-like pattern. Its open design allows for clear visibility and serves as the primary display component on which accessories can be easily added, with the square mesh segments sized at 76 mm (or 3 inches).

Constructed from steel, Grid Mesh is a durable and long-lasting system. Its panels and components are resistant to wear and tear and can withstand everyday knocks, requiring only minimal maintenance through regular cleaning and occasional inspections. Even this is simple, as the material is easy to wipe down and the open wire design reduces the accumulation of dust and dirt.

The key features, flexibility for customisation, and overall cost-effectiveness of Grid Mesh are why they are a favoured option among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Where can you use Grid Mesh?

Grid Mesh Displays are incredibly versatile and can be utilised for both standalone storage and complex modular systems. Design a bespoke display system by choosing from the range of sizes, styles and accessories available, to create the perfect visual merchandising system for showcasing your products.

The use of Grid Mesh can be maximised by placing multiple wall-mounted panels together, creating a continuous display, similar to Slatwall. With the ability to quickly remove and attach most accessories, merchandise can be easily rearranged on the panel, making Grid Mesh a valuable yet inexpensive display option that can highlight trending, new, and/or popular products with ease. Additionally, Grid Mesh can provide a flexible display in public event settings such as tradeshows and art exhibitions, where a quick and reliable static system is necessary.

From Garden Centres to Trade Counters and high-end Boutiques to Sportswear Outlets, Grid Mesh can enhance a variety of retail spaces with its no-frills design. Not just for displaying stock, Grid Mesh can provide partitions in a store to guide customers along a specific route and it can also be used as unique form of in-queue merchandising.

What is included in the Grid Mesh range?

You can create your own from components or start with a pre-configured Grid Mesh kit, which comes with all the necessary components and accessories included. You can find suggestions for the layout of these kits with the images found on our product pages, but the accessory structure can be customised to fit your needs.

Our Display Panels are the foundation of any Grid Mesh system, available in sizes from 4ft to 8ft. These can be mounted directly onto your wall with the Wall-Fix Brackets, great for when you want to add some space-saving storage and not encroach onto precious floor space. Or add a Base for a standing display, perfect for when you want more freedom regarding placement. Available with either Feet or Castor Wheels for the option of either a stationary or mobile system.

To complement the Grid Mesh Panels and Bases, we offer a range of coordinating accessories so that you can create a customised and adjustable display system to suit your unique requirements.

Euro Hooks and Single Display Arms are firm favourites for enhancing Grid Mesh systems, securely holding a variety of items, both large and small. If you need an option for displaying clothing, Hanging Rails offer a strong base for a range of garments, keeping them tidy and organised.

Other accessories include Wire Baskets, which offer a practical way to hold merchandise that may not be suitable for hanging on hooks. Or if you’re after a different style, Shelves are a sleek option for presenting items.

Whether you opt to start with a kit or ‘build-your-own’, Grid Mesh can be continually customised with further accessories whenever you need them.

More information and specifications for Grid Mesh components can be found on the relevant product pages.

How easy is it to build/assemble?

Installing Grid Mesh is a straightforward process, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a reliable and low-maintenance solution.

For a wall-mounted display, you can decide whether you want the panels to be arranged vertically or horizontally and then use the Wall-Fix Brackets to affix. Measure and mark where you want the brackets to sit, secure them to the wall, making sure to use appropriate fixings depending on the type of wall you have. Always consult a professional first, if you are unsure.

After safely securing the brackets, you can add the panel. When installing multiple panels together, we recommend reviewing and measuring the entire area first to ensure optimal positioning for your requirements.

For free-standing displays, check if you need to join parts like Feet or Castor Wheels to create a base first, after which you can continue with attaching the panel/s. Display accessories are fitted after the main Grid Mesh structure has been assembled, most of which just hook and drop onto the grid and can be repositioned as often as needed.

In summary, assembly of Grid Mesh Displays is relatively simple and follows similar steps for most configurations. However, there may be slight differences between specific components.

For further instructions relating to specific Grid Mesh displays, view our Assembly Guides page. 

If you’re looking for a multipurpose and reliable solution for your organisation or display needs, Grid Mesh Displays are a popular choice for a reason, providing a distinctive and cost-effective option, with many advantages.

To get started with your own Grid Mesh System, view the full range of our curated kits or view our Grid Display components.

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