Getting the Best from Your Slatwall Accessories

Getting the Best from Your Slatwall Accessories

Getting the Best from Your Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall is retail’s display favourite chiefly due to the extensive and most versatile accessories the range has to offer. Whatever product you are trying to individually promote, or set of items you have to present, there is a really helpful and practical Slatwall accessory solution available.

Let’s have a closer look at the most popular options …


The single prong hooks come in a variety of sizes, so offering great versatility to any hanging merchandise. Choose from 50, 100, 200, 250 and 300mm lengths. Made from high-quality steel, these handy chrome hooks provide an attractive finish as well as being hard-wearing and long-lasting. Ideal for clothing accessories, sweets and other small packets or boxes with hooking facilities attached to the top of the packaging.

Euro hooks are well-liked for their sturdy and double-strength properties. This is created by means of the wrap-around, twin-bar design which securely holds sizable items firmly in place. Perfect for any retail environment or where Slatwall provides dominance to your display. They come in white and chrome finishes and in 150, 152 and 200 mm lengths along with an extra wide version too. For ease and speed, ticket bars are included on two of the choices, providing the opportunity to add pricing tickets at the end of the hooks. Great for a variety of hanging purposes, similar to those expressed by the prong options.

For multiple hanging, the 5-hook display arm is a super space-saving display alternative. Particularly useful for draping larger or more weighty merchandise such as handbags and clothing on hangers.


Resourceful and flexible, the Slatwall shelving range has a clever option for any type or size of merchandise with choices to suit any mood of commercial display.

Classic wooden shelves are available in white, cream, grey, maple and oak and in a practical selection of widths, 600 and 900mm. Durable and high-quality, they are made from 19mm thick MDF with a melamine finish edging. Chrome finish brackets provide the base to timeless elegance and come in both standard and heavy duty varieties. Ideal for displaying a spotlight product or a row of merchandise.

Acrylic shelving has an interesting and expansive selection of handy possibilities. All slot easily and tightly into place. Simply snap up and in to the panel insert. So quick and easy they are appreciated for their ability to alter a display within moments. Available in a good range of sizes, depths and widths, with or without tickets holders, rectangular or semi-circular. By picking the acrylic display channel with angled bottom, it creates useful presentation for frames, cards, DVDs, games, magazines and brochures.

Display Arms

The collection of chrome display arms add a more professional and unique touch to any Slatwall display. The sloping notch range features either, 7, 8, 10 or 11 balls along a standard rod of chrome, each ball acts as a separator and stopper between each rung of merchandising. A useful and appealing space-saver for garment hanging and other large suspended items. Plainer variations for displaying just one or two accent items are the stepped arm, which has two hooking ball stops on a staggered chrome rod and the forward arm with just one stopping ball on a straight rod.

For circular, feature items, there are two choices of display ring, 120 and 140 mm in diameter. Most obviously used for sports balls, such as footballs, basketballs and even rugby balls. On a different theme these practical rings are useful for threading items through such as textiles or for keeping items straight, grouped or in place such as golf clubs or walking sticks.

The hanging rail variety again is often used for hanging garments, keeping categories, sizes and colours together in one neat area. Also a fun eye-catcher for knotting scarves and other clothing or sports accessories. For all hats, caps and fascinators the millenary arm provides simple and effective display.

Display Boxes

Boxes and baskets come in a choice of chrome wire and acrylics in handy shapes and sizes to accommodate an endless assortment of smaller-sized goods-for-sale. Two of the chrome baskets have room to attached plastic inserts to print and show descriptions, titles, details or pricing. The acrylics have seven variations, so should be adequate for whatever you want to bundle together in a small box.

Whichever accessory you are looking for, you can be assured that Shopfitting Warehouse has a great choice, from all of those mentioned above to the extra essentials such as ticket, card or leaflet holders, frames and clips.

They hold huge stock volumes, allowing easy and accessible bulk ordering, with the added bonus that many lines offer a saving when purchased in larger amounts.
Call Shopfitting Warehouse today, their expert customer service team are happy to help with your Slatwall project plans, or any general display and storage advice.

Call us now on 0800 834 782 for advice on how to choose the right products for you.

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