How to Customise Your Slatwall Display

How to Customise Your Slatwall Display

How to Customise Your Slatwall Display

For any shop owner, the way that you display your products can make the difference between your customers making a purchase or leaving empty handed. One sure fire way to ensure that your shop displays are up to scratch is to opt for a simplistic and stylish look. This is where finished slatwall will work wonders.

Made up of MDF and coated with melamine surface, it offers a strong and versatile solution that will stand the test of time as well as being easy to clean. On top of this, the fixtures keep merchandise secure and significantly reduce the risk of breakage as they will not topple over.

Slatwall is also incredibly customisable so you can create a display which is unique to your business. From colourful panels to a wide range of accessories to show off your stock, let’s take a look at the options in detail.

Choices of Panels and Inserts

To make up the structure, you will need to choose the back and side panels as well as PVC inserts which add further strength and stability to ensure that the weight is balanced more evenly.

Whilst you may have seen a lot of slatwall before and believed that they are quite standard, there are in fact a lot of choices available to you, if you pick the right supplier of course. Depending on where you purchase the panels and inserts, you can choose from different colours and textures – from bright reds to wooden style finishes.

Make the display stand out by selecting colours and styles that match your branding, the seasons or the colour of your products. Just be careful to maintain a level of consistency and avoid clashing colours. By using slatwall there is no need to paint or wallpaper your walls, saving on costs and time.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Another great benefit of slatwall is that the shape and size is flexible. Available in half size, portrait and landscape formats and easily cut to size, it’s easy to slot the pieces together to cover the required space. You can build on or take away from your display relevant to the amount of items you have on show too. When considering how many goods you can potentially show per section, this solution is excellent value for money.

If you are limited for space, it can be utilised to make the most of what you have – whether you opt for just boards against the walls, or an island in the centre of the space. It is often used in front of and behind shop till points as well to better exhibit items and save additional space.

Plenty of Accessories

Once you have chosen the panels and inserts, it’s time to get accessorising. In order to create effective visual merchandising, you need your display to be interesting and eye-catching to your customers. To do this, it is good to have a variety of products per section. For example, if you are a clothing store, you will want a mix of clothing items such as t-shirts or dresses along with coordinating pieces. This can also increase the amount of money your customers spend per transaction so these decisions are definitely well worth thinking about.

To accommodate different types of stock, there are a variety of slatwall accessories to go for including prongs, hooks, arms, baskets and shelves. All of these accessories are made of strong materials such as chrome, steel and acrylic so will last a long time.

For items of clothing, you will want an arm for hanging coat hangers from, whereas prongs and baskets are better for small goods. Shelves are ideal for books as well as technology products that you will want facing outwards to show them off. Having a good mix of these means you can change up your displays on a regular basis and by ordering extras you can avoid the need to buy more to meet requirements. A supplier should be able to offer you a quantity discount to suit your needs.

When selecting the right accessories, make sure you are considering the packaging of your supplies. If you are selling phone cases, the packet must come with a hole in (Better: slot) it for the hook to go through. Check if your product packaging fits the widely used Eurohook or a single prong hook.

Whether you are setting up for the first time, or looking to grow your existing merchandising then slatwall is a must for your business. It has been a staple in retail for many years and is a great economical choice without any compromise on quality.

To get started, why not take a look at our Slatwall display panels and inserts as well as the large selection of accessories we have to offer. Have any questions? Get in touch with us today.

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