Preparing your Garden Centre for seasonal changes

Preparing your Garden Centre for seasonal changes

Preparing your Garden Centre for seasonal changes

The modern-day garden centre should be an abundance of activity, breathing new life and inspiration into every individual who sets foot inside your carefully arranged garden wonderland.

Themed sections of bright blossoms, climbing greenery, outdoor rockery displays and quirky ideas to ignite your customers outside endeavours and activate those green fingers, young and old. Make sure your customer’s experience of your garden centre is more adventure fuelled and less of a chore with these great tips for preparing your garden displays for any season.

Give your customers a reason to visit by offering a fantastic tangible customer experience, engaging them with your displays and what you are offering. Customer will want to see exactly what promotions you are offering and clear pricing that encourages them to buy, do this with clearly labelled products lined up on easy-to-view, and heavy-duty Galvanised Shelving that allows customers to touch, feel and pick up merchandise easily with no rummaging and risk of breakage.

Our clips and hooks, along with some flexible shelf-edge fixings will ensure you can label all of those hard to reach plants, pots and trinkets without risk of damage to anything delicate.

Garden centres can really benefit from telling customers what’s going on in the gardening world, trends and what works alongside certain plants. Use this opportunity to establish your business as ‘the expert’ and increase credibility with lots of useful and interesting information. Display gardening tips, customer inspiration, images and ideas with snap frames and holders with posters in an authentic, easy-to-understand and fun way.

Choose to well-placed signs throughout your store to tell customers which way to go for related products, for example where to buy gardening gloves or where to try a shed for size. Larger signs may also be helpful for any safety information you need to convey to your customers that may need frequently updating. In contrast, don’t miss the opportunity to highlight deals in your café too that are just too good to miss.

Queue management such as rope barriers, or café barriers can help your customers make the right turns and visit every area of your display in order, finishing up in the café for a coffee or in the gift shop for little bits and pieces that have sparked their imagination along the way. Also use to easily guide customers in the right direction coming in and out, to the cashier or usher into not to be missed sections!

By using dynamic and effective retail display, you will find that customer browsing will naturally lead to buying. Your stockroom can support your sales floor with a focus on super organisation and space-saving solutions, so you can find what you need, when you need it, without over-cluttering and using every available inch wisely.

We have everything you need and more for your garden centre displays, café and gift shop, indoors and out, to keep your customer intrigued and engaged with your latest promotions.

Or give us a call today on 0800 834 782, our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service team will be more than happy to talk through your options with you.

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