Shelving & Storage box bundles: The sustainable choice

Shelving & Storage box bundles: The sustainable choice

Shelving & Storage box bundles: The sustainable choice

Most of us do what we can to be more sustainable, whether that’s reducing the amount of single-use plastic we have in our homes and business, recycling responsibly or cutting down on our carbon footprint. But how can you make sure you are doing all you can?

Storage facilities, warehouses, and in fact any business can do their bit for the environment by looking at what materials and products they use to maximise and minimise wasted resources. Investing in recyclable goods is one thing, but making sure products are durable enough to last – not something that will need to be replaced after just a couple of years because it cannot cope with the demands of a busy working environment – also makes good economic sense.

With this in mind, we’ve made it easy for you to expand your shelving capacity by putting together a whole range of great money-saving bundles.

These ready-made, economical shelving and storage packages mean you can choose the right system for your available space and add a bundle of between four and 12 of heavy-duty recycled plastic boxes, all of which are made in the UK. Our multipurpose shelving bundles also have the option of adding up to 24 clear, clip lid boxes.

Choose from multipurpose chrome wire shelving, heavy-duty chrome wire shelving for a heftier load, or industrial shelving, ideal for warehouses due to their solid-steel construction with a high-load capacity. So which eco, money-saving bundle is right for you?

Multipurpose Chrome Wire Shelving

Our adjustable and versatile multipurpose chrome shelving range is perfect for a variety of applications from kitchens (easy to wipe clean and super hygienic!) to the garage, offices and stockrooms and can cope with a very respectable 150kg UDL per shelf. We’ve banded our shelving units using UDL, which indicates a light, medium or heavy load capacity. If you’re not sure about UDL and shelf-load ratings, read our simple guide here > and double check your new shelving is right for your business needs.

Heavy-Duty Chrome Wire Shelving

The heavy-duty chrome shelving can cope with up to 250kg unformed distributed load (UDL) per shelf so they can cope with some seriously heavy products. This makes them ideal for industrial warehouses and storerooms. The extra-tough, multi-purpose boxes also fit perfectly on our heavy-duty chrome shelving and are ideal for stock rooms, offices, commercial kitchens and shop floors. These storage boxes are durable, even at cold temperatures, and can resist high-impact damage. The snap-on lid also protects the contents from dust and dirt. They’re stackable, for ease of storage, and when they aren’t in use, the boxes can be nested, which saves space. Available in black or choose our clear boxes to make it easy to identify what’s inside.

Industrial Shelving

Durability and sustainability meet with the multipurpose boltless industrial shelving units made from powder-coated steel. The bundles come with heavy-duty boxes that are manufactured from at least 95% recycled plastic. The shelving is easy to assemble and boasts a high-load capacity, and because there is a range of options for all size of stock room, storage area and warehouse, you are certain to find the right bundle for your business needs.

The ultimate five-tier system comes in at 1800mm high by 1200mm width, 500mm depth. Part of this package is 12 heavy-duty recycled plastic storage boxes – six 16-litre and six 24-litre boxes – which combined can hold a generous 240 litres. You can choose whichever works for you, smaller sizes are also available, at 1800mm height by 900mm width and 400mm depth.

Our Storage boxes

Our super-tough storage boxes are strength-tested to 400kg and are almost indestructible (believe us, we’ve tried!). Manufactured from a newly developed material, they are extremely durable and because they can cope with low temperatures, they are ideal for cold stores and can be used outside in the winter months. A snap-shut lid keeps contents secure while special holes mean that cable ties can be added for additional tamper-proof security. They are available in capacities of 62, 36, 24, 16 and 6.5 litres, making them ideal for multiple uses in any business environment.

Talk to us

There’s a wealth of choice when it comes to ordering shelving and units for business, so if you aren’t sure what would work best for you, contact our experienced customer service team, which can provide you with expert advice on all of our products.

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