Types of Display Furniture & Where to Use Them

Types of Display Furniture & Where to Use Them

Types of Display Furniture & Where to Use Them

When setting up a retail store or any customer-facing business, a key consideration is how to display your all-important stock. Display furniture comes in a variety of designs and styles, ideal for adding storage and creating compelling visual displays. With a wide range of products falling under the category of ‘display furniture’, it can be tricky to decide which one suits your needs, space, and goods. You may already have an idea in mind and just want a few more details or inspiration.

We have a growing collection of display furniture available, and we’ll explore how you can use them and where, so you can showcase your products effectively and determine which ones are best suited for you and your business.

Solido White Wrap Counter & Triangle Corner Unit Bundle


What is a shop Counter?

Counters are essential for any shop or café, often serving as a primary customer service location. They can also act as a till and/or ordering area or simply a place to display and store stock.

Shop counters come in various designs, from fully enclosed and covered versions to those with a full glass display section on the front or top.

A fully covered counter is great for storing miscellaneous items or stock underneath, keeping them hidden away, while a glass-fronted cabinet is ideal for displaying smaller products and key items. These can be used alone or paired with a till unit and/or corner display for an expanded and multipurpose counter area.

Where can I use a shop Counter?

Any business that needs a customer service point can benefit from having a counter. A fully covered counter provides additional storage, which is suited if you’re using your counter as a till point and where you may want to hide cables and various   retail supplies, such as  bags and storage boxes underneath. Or if your counter will be a display and sales point, then a counter with a partial glass display is great for highlighting new and valuable products.

Works well in: Any business that has use for a customer service point, including Retail Stores, Exhibitions, Showrooms, Cafés and Restaurants to name a few.

Pairs well with: Till Stands, Corner Units (available individually or as Shop Counter bundles)

Ranges include:  SolidoSilhouetteAuraContour

Skyline 360 Black Frameless Tower Showcase

Glass Displays

What is a Glass Display?

A glass display is exactly as it sounds; a cabinet or tower constructed using glass to create a display solution, providing unparalleled visibility. They can be made entirely of glass (in combination with a robust frame such as metal) for 360° viewing, have hidden cupboards underneath, or have a backing, which you may find is a more suitable option for placement against a wall.

Glass displays are the perfect choice then for showing off your products, whilst also keeping them protected. There are options such as a counter with a built-in ¾ glass display, while others only have glass tops; commonly seen in jewellery stores or shops that specialise in smaller, detailed products. Another benefit of a counter which is part glass, is that they also provide useful hidden storage underneath.

What are Glass Displays called?

Glass displays can also be known as display cabinets, display towers or showcases, and they may include variations designed for specific purposes such as trophy cabinets or trophy cases, often featuring LEDs to highlight displayed items.

Where can I use a Glass Display?

Works well in: Showrooms, Retail Spaces (Jewellery Shops, Collectables/Memorabilia and Pop Culture Shops, Electronics Shop) or as use as a Trophy Cabinet in Sports Venues or in educational facilities like Schools and Universities.

Pairs well with: Alongside other glass display cabinets

Ranges include:  SilhouetteContourSkyline

Skyline Aluminium & Glass Display with 2 Shelves & LEDs

LED Display Cabinets

What is an LED Display Cabinet?

Many of our glass display units come with built-in LED displays, but we believe they deserve a dedicated section in this article!

Spotlights ensure that your products are always illuminated and visible, making them perfect for both in-store and shop window displays. Furniture with LED displays are available as tall units (also known as towers) or as counters, depending on your needs and preferences. Tall units can be placed against walls for focused viewing or positioned centrally to create guided paths and allow panoramic views.

Glass counters with LED lighting excel at showing off products and creates a convenient place to engage customers and answer any questions. If you’re after a smaller unit to really shine a spotlight on your special and unique pieces, then a  showcase plinth is the perfect choice for the job.

Glass Display Showcase Plinth with Lockable Cupboard & LEDs

Where can I use an LED Display Cabinet?

Works well in: Showrooms, Retail Spaces (Jewellery Shops, Trophy Cabinets, Collectable & Pop Culture Shops), Window Displays, Museums and Galleries.

Pairs well with: Glass Display Cabinets, Counters

Ranges include:  ContourSkyline

Silver Retail Gondola Shelving with 2 x Bays & 12 Shelves


What is a Gondola?

Gondolas are also known as island shelving, which is a freestanding display unit and offers double-sided shop shelving.

Slatwall Gondolas are a specific style of display furniture, which can be paired with various slatwall accessories (such as  shelves or hooks). This enables you to display a diverse collection of products, from clothing, shoes, accessories and packaged items - great for putting together a complete outfit in one easy location.

Or for robust display and storage needs, consider  retail gondola shelving. These range in colour and size and are commonly found in businesses with larger spaces, such as electronics shops, department stores and grocery shops. Whilst retail gondola shelving can be placed end-to-end, you may also want to consider using alongside other styles of   retail shelving instead, such as wall shelving or corner units, for additional continuous and longer display and shelving options.

Silhouette White Slatwall 'H' Display Gondola

Where can I use a Gondola?

Works well in: Retail Spaces (Outdoor Shops, Sportswear, Shoe Shops, Card & Stationery Shops)

Pairs well with: All types of display furniture - match the colours for a cohesive look, even if from different ranges

Ranges include:  SilhouetteAura

Silhouette White 3-Shelf Display Gondola

Display Islands

What is a Display Island?

Islands are a great way to add more displays if you have extra floor space. They are a type of  gondola shelving that can be placed centrally or in a location where customers can walk around the unit. As mentioned earlier, gondola shelving offers double-sided shelving, with retail gondola shelving also acting as a useful way to partition off areas and create paths, whilst display islands are usually placed just as an additional display solution.

Display islands often come with tiers, allowing you to feature a range of products. This is especially effective if you want to showcase multiple items from the same range and highlight complementary products. Pair them with  child mannequins on higher tiers or use a  half-form mannequin or bust to show off accessories.

Where can I use a Display Island?

Works well in: Retail Spaces (Children’s Clothing Shop, Clothes Shop, Bookshops)

Pairs well with: Glass Display Cabinets, Counters

Ranges include:  SilhouetteAura

Solido Till Unit as part of our Solido Wrap Counter, Till Unit & Corner Unit Bundle

Till Stand

What is a Till Stand?

Similar to the counter, the till stand is a popular type of display furniture. It is often used in conjunction with counters and corner units to create a larger and enclosed payment or customer service section, providing an essential point-of-sale (POS) zone.

Even though they are often seen alongside counters, till stands can be used independently and are not just limited to retail businesses either. They can be cleverly placed to establish a designated greeting/reception area, often seen in the hospitality sector such as in restaurants, or even cinemas.

Where can I use a Till Stand?

Works well in: Retail Spaces, Restaurants, Museums/Galleries, Hairdressers, Hotels.

Pairs well with: Counters, Corner Units (available individually or as Shop Counter bundles)

Ranges include:  SolidoSilhouetteAura

Most of our Display Furniture ranges feature multiple styles, allowing you to mix and match as needed. And whilst there are a few core designs, our different ranges will allow you to add a unique look to your business and tailor the style to your aesthetic. 

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