Where Can You Use Grid Mesh?

Where Can You Use Grid Mesh?

Where Can You Use Grid Mesh?

Grid Mesh Displays offer a flexible and adaptable storage and display system, suited for a range of sectors including businesses, academic institutions, and residential settings. They can be easily arranged for both standalone storage and complex modular builds, providing a versatile solution for any requirement.

Customisable in nature, you can create a bespoke Grid Mesh configuration by choosing individual components in a range of sizes, styles, and accessories, to design a tailored system that meets your specific needs. Alternatively, you can view our range of pre-made kits, available in popular configurations with the necessary accessories included to make it easy to create a professional merchandising and storage system.

The unique combination of flexibility and customisability make Grid Mesh Displays an ideal choice for anyone looking for a way to optimise storage and display requirements, with the additional benefit of being able to be continuously updated as your needs change and grow.

Grid Mesh provides reliable Storage of tools and equipment

Grid Mesh provides the ability to maximise storage space by placing multiple wall-mounted panels together, creating a continuous display similar to Slatwall. The accessories available to pair with the system, can be easily rearranged to move merchandise on the panel, making Grid Mesh a valuable yet inexpensive display option that can highlight trending, new, and/or popular products with ease.

Grid Mesh can also act as a flexible display for exhibitions, such as Tradeshows and Fairs, where a quick and reliable static system is necessary.

The sturdiness and durability of Grid Mesh also make it ideal for retailers where heavier items need to be presented, such as Garden CentresTrade Counters, or DIY and Home Improvement stores, which are commonly seen equipped with Hooks, Display Arms, and Baskets.

Use Grid Mesh to create a Feature Display in Retail, Events and even Restaurants

Grid Mesh systems are not only a convenient storage option but they can also be used to create a distinctive feature display. Some may describe Grid Mesh as having a utilitarian design, but this makes it well-suited for enhancing displays and making products stand out in retail stores, from High-End Boutiques to Sportswear Outlets.

Take cues from industrial interior design and combine Chrome Grid Mesh alongside a Tubes & Clamps System, ideal for highlighting and storing clothing with the help of Clothes Hangers and Shelving.

Alternatively, you can opt for bold Black Grid Mesh panels and components, which pair visually well with both monochrome palettes or colourful décor. Black fittings are both equal parts neutral and striking, blending into their surroundings whilst also being daring and eye-catching. You can even use it in combination with other black storage systems to create an on-trend yet timeless display for your business.

Grid Mesh can also be used to add an unconventional look when applied creatively. Think Cafés and Coffee Shops with Grid Mesh Panels mounted on the wall back to attach and display menus and promotions. Similarly, Grid Mesh can be set up on the back wall of the self-serve station, with S-Hooks used to hang up pots of cutlery and napkins, alongside milk, sugar and other amenities. This design approach is especially complementary to the popular industrial or rustic décor frequently seen in these types of businesses but helps to elevate these styles to new heights, creating a unique and memorable interior to stand out.

And don’t forget that Grid Mesh offers display options beyond wall displays. The standing and mobile options give Grid Mesh further utility, which is particularly useful when setting up a stall at a seasonal Craft Fair or when seeking a reliable stand for showcasing artwork at an Art Exhibition or even in Schools and Universities.

By incorporating Grid Mesh into the interior design of a business, a unique look and feel can be achieved, setting the establishment apart from its competitors. This creates an environment that is both professional and visually pleasing, enhancing the overall customer/visitor experience.

Grid Mesh can be used for creative Partitioning and In-Queue Merchandising

As mentioned, the Grid Mesh system provides more than just Wall Fix options. It can also be used as a versatile Standing system with either Feet or Castors, allowing for mobile displays and increased freedom. By configuring various Standing Grid Mesh setups, you can create partitions within a store to guide customers along a specific route or to use as a unique form of in-queue merchandising.

The open-grid design provides visibility while still maintaining a sense of separation. This is especially useful in environments where airflow and light are important, as well as in condensed or more compact areas where you want to preserve a sense of space.

Add Grid Mesh into your home for flexible Storage and unique Displays

Grid Mesh can also be used for clever display and storage at home.

For instance, a Panel with Hooks and Baskets can be used to organise tools and equipment, effectively decluttering a garage or a utility room. The same solution can also be applied in a kitchen space, as a practical and visually appealing storage unit. You could do this by mounting a Panel on the wall or by hanging it directly above a kitchen island to hold pans and utensils in easy reach while also providing an unusual focal point that will capture everyone’s attention.

Another way to use Grid Mesh Panels is to create a stunning display for your favourite plants. This could work in both outdoor and indoor settings by using S-Hooks to hold pots and build a decorative plant holder. Whether you use it for adding colour to your outdoor space with some flowers or for organising your collection of fresh herbs in the kitchen, Grid Mesh Panels offer a versatile solution for any gardening enthusiast.

Grid Mesh can be leveraged for more than just storing tools and hardware in the home. A Panel affixed to the wall in the bedroom can be a clever way to arrange fashion accessories. When paired with a Hanging Rail and Clothes Hangers, a Grid Panel can be transformed into a functional wardrobe that maximises limited space, offering a cost-effective and space-saving alternative to traditional bedroom storage at home, as well as in businesses such as Hotels and Spas.

Smaller Grid Mesh Panels are ideal for areas with limited vertical space, such as home offices or spare bedrooms. They can be used to hold everything from stationery and notes to your favourite accessories. They could also form the base for designing and putting together a focal piece for a room, decorated with items ranging from photos and artwork to fun lighting, allowing for a personalised touch.

Grid Mesh is a versatile storage solution that caters to a range of needs, from different types of businesses to homes. The simple and uncomplicated design allows for easy customisation to suit present and future requirements. With the ability to transform from an artistic visual display to a product storage unit, Grid Mesh stands out from alternative storage solutions for its unparalleled adaptability and dependability.

View our full Grid Mesh Shelving range here.

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